The Thriving Box Co. is committed to being a sustainable company and we continue to learn more about how to achieve this as we grow.

We want to be as transparent as possible as we do this. Here are a few things we are doing to help our planet.

Recyclable packaging

All of our boxes and stuffing is fully recyclable. If you find shredded cardboard in your box - please recycle the whole thing. (Once you've taken your gifts out of course!) We recycle all the cardboard packaging from the stock we receive to make this stuffing. We have a lot of fun with our industrial shredder!

Packing peanuts inside? No problem. Recycle your box as you would any other cardboard, then throw the peanuts in the bath or sink. Run them under the tap and watch them dissolve!

We need your help with this! Please reach out to your employees and let them know how to dispose of their empty gift boxes.

Reduced transportation

Many of our products are sourced from local businesses in Edinburgh (where we are based) meaning we cut down on transportation footprint.

Team sustainability

Our small team are committed to green initiatives in their day to day working lives such as recycling, using reusable water bottles and cycling to and from work. As we expand as a company we'll be asking the team to set annual sustainability pledges. These will be small day to day changes that make a huge difference to our planet e.g. only filling the kettle with the exact amount of water needed!

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