Rafikï Coffee - Not Your Average Brew

rafiki coffee with kids

By Kirsty Scott


What if I told you there was something better than a good cup of coffee?

Well, there is. And it's going to make you rethink your next brew.

Introducing Rafikï Coffee

Rafikï is a specialty import coffee company based in Edinburgh.

rafiki coffee

They're giving the phrase "humanity runs on coffee" a whole new meaning.

It's high-quality. It's ethically sourced.

This Rwandan coffee has three simple goals:

  • Support local communities
  • Fund education for Rwandan students
  • Promote African coffee in the global market

They describe themselves as more than coffee, and I'm here to tell you why.

But before we get into it, let's meet the maker. 

rafiki coffee

Benjamin Murenzi grew up in Rwanda before studying accounting at Edinburgh Napier University.

During his studies Ben decided to set up Rafikï Coffee with only a student job and his personal savings to support him.

"I was looking for a way to support Rwandan coffee farmers and play my role in the country's development."

He was forced to start small and slowly grow his customer base. First Edinburgh, then across the UK.

The biggest challenge: entering a highly competitive industry. 

The best moment: sponsoring the first child's education.

Here's 4 reasons we love Rafikï Coffee and everything they stand for.

***Warning: this post will make you reconsider your Starbucks addiction***

Rafikï Means Friends

Named after the Swahili word 'Friends'; Rafikï Coffee is based on friendship

When chatting to Ben, he explained his inspiration comes from his friends and family.

This message echoes throughout the business, from producers to consumers, and everyone in between.

organic coffee

Ben works with African farmers, UK entrepreneurs and customers from all walks of life.

This enables him to support Rwandan communities close to his heart and represent incredible African coffee on a global scale.

Pair groundwork in Rwanda with Edinburgh community support and it's clear Rafikï revolves around the friendships they build. 


Humanity Runs on Coffee

Buying a bag of Rafikï Coffee really makes a difference. 

As if forming friendships and supporting communities around the world wasn't enough, they're also fighting poverty in Rwanda.


"We believe that in order to eradicate poverty, we have to invest in trade and education."
-  Rafikï Coffee


Partnered with the Rwandan private school 'Ecole du bon Berger', Rafikï provides funding for underprivileged students to attend school.

Benjamin Murenzi with kids

Here's what this funding covers for each student:

  • Tuition fees
  • Transport to school
  • School supplies
  • School lunches

This means as well as creating a positive impact on farmers and the local community, Rafikï is also supporting the future of the next generation.

So rest assured you're not the only one reaping the benefits when you're sipping your morning coffee. 


Beans That Love the Planet

In 2020 being Eco-friendly is fairly standard issue.

You  have invested in reusable straws for your iced-lattes and can't leave the house without your keep-cup.

But what about the coffee itself? 

Is it fair-trade certified? Is it organic?

From production to packing, Rafikï prides themselves on being environmentally friendly and Fair trade certified.

 fair-trade coffee

Beans are sourced directly from farmers before jumping into 100% recyclable pouches and making their way into your bamboo mugs.


Taste Beyond Compare

The final reason we love Rafikï Coffee is pretty simple.




Here at The Thriving Box Co. we make sure to quality check all our products. And let me tell you - Rafikï passed with flying colours.

It's so good we continue to taste test it every Monday morning.
And Tuesday. 
And the rest of the week too...

It's thick and flavourful; boasting dark chocolate, caramel and citrus flavours.

And for the coffee buffs reading - it scores 86% on the Specialty Coffee Association Agency (SCA) scale. 

For the rest of us intermediate caffeine heads - it makes an incredible cup of coffee.

americano coffee

With full flavoured beans to match their strong social and ethical values, you can't go wrong.

So what more do you need?

Community focused, Eco-friendly and the perfect brew. 

Rafikï Coffee ticks all the boxes.

Ready for a final piece of good news? 

You can get your hands on a bag of Rafikï Coffee right here!

Or simply grab yourself a Keep Edinburgh Thriving Gift Box and prepare to shake up your caffeine regime.