Meet The Business: The Wax Jungle

Meet The Business: The Wax Jungle

We partner with some of the most unique and amazing independent businesses. Standing out with their vibrant colours, original ideas and quirky products is Edinburgh based candle company, The Wax Jungle.

A gorilla, skull and T-rex aren’t typically what you would see in your average household - but they definitely are the coolest! 

Funky, sculptural candles. Where did you get the idea from?  

Natasha was working in a coffee shop and had been making candles in her spare time for her family and friends. After some kind words of encouragement from her partner, Natasha decided to voyage into the candle making business.

“My partner does a lot of the original sculptures; he is a full-time animator. Day-to-day I will do all of the pouring and packing.”

The Wax Jungle have recently developed their own original soap range that uses the animal mould too.

“They are also shampoo bars so you can avoid having plastic shampoo bottles, which is always a good thing. I feel like a lot of the time I will create something just because I want it for myself,” she admitted.


Standing out in a saturated market

Natasha built a candle company that goes above and beyond expectations with unique and sculptural designs inspired by the natural world. 

“It was kind of intimidating getting into the candle market because it is so saturated. I wondered how I could stand out at all, so I thought of trying to give it a go at a different angle.”

The Wax Jungle core collection includes a variety of distinctive art pieces with animals like the original gorilla candle, as well as bears and orangutans. There’s also the eye-catching T-rex (or the T-wax!) and the spooky spectacular skull. Each of the designs make the perfect gift that would stand out in any home or at an event.

“A lot of people who have bought them have told me that they might not even burn them because they think of it as an art piece instead of just a candle!”

Being eco-friendly is important to Natasha, and they put a lot of work into their aim of leaving a minuscule carbon footprint by encouraging their customers to use their refills for the candle burners. The wax they use is 100% eco soy wax that offers a longer burn time than most alternatives and their packaging is biodegradable.

Natasha still feels surprised and overjoyed when she receives a compliment on her work.

“When someone shares your page or comments on something it’s just as important as people buying your stuff. It shows me that even if I can’t buy something off someone, just telling them that their work is really nice probably encourages them to carry on.”


Working with Thriving Box Co.

“It’s been an incredible experience. At the start of the pandemic, all of the gift shops where I sell my candles closed, and online was only a small aspect of my income so I was basically shut!

“I am so grateful for Thriving Box Co. It's been great for my business and the whole team is lovely to work with.”

We’ve absolutely loved working alongside The Wax Jungle and seeing what imaginative designs they’ll come up with next. 

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✍️ By Aisha Fatunmbi-Randall