Meet The Business: Enchanted Salts

Meet The Business: Enchanted Salts

Wellbeing focuses on ‘how we’re doing’ as individuals and it’s never been more important to take care of our mental health. We couldn’t wait to catch up with one of our business owners who is passionate about incorporating mental health and wellbeing into her work. Elina is the woman behind Reiki charged bath and body products company, Enchanted Salts.  

Having worked in roles that support children and young people, it is no surprise Elina was eager to find a creative way to combine her interests when the pandemic put her people-orientated jobs on hold. With an encouraging nudge from her daughter to start up her own business, she now uses organic, vegan friendly and natural ingredients to make her products and healing Reiki energy to charge them - and we’re so glad Elina has created a unique product with multiple benefits!

How did you come up with the idea? 

“I was working with Reiki, visiting people to do Reiki healings and I had started doing my own aromatherapy. I was making bath salts and oils for my family and friends. Eventually I thought, ‘I need to think of something I can do from home and help other people at the same time. I just wanted to use all the things I love,” explained Elina.

As a Reiki practitioner, Elina has a lot of experience energy healing on people in person and took time during lockdown to discover distance healing as an alternative approach. Fascinated by the process of enchantment of objects, hence the name Enchanted  Salts, Elina now uses her Reiki knowledge to enhance her relaxation products.

So what’s Reiki all about?

Reiki is an energy healing technique which has been defined as being able to activate the natural healing process of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

“I make sure that I pack as much energy, or I energise the salts or any of my products with calming, healing Reiki energy so that when they are used, hopefully the people using the salts or the body scrubs will have that feeling of Reiki energy around them.

Personal experience 

Elina has suffered from premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) which affected her moods and mental health. Mental well-being and looking after yourself carries great importance for her and she centres her business ethos around this passion too. Despite only setting up Enchanted Salts one year ago, this fledgling business has overcome hurdles that have motivated Elina even more.

Being a one-woman band, Elina handmakes all of her bath salts in her home in East Lothian using ingredients that are responsibly sourced, vegan-friendly, alcohol-free, SLS & paraben-free and always gentle on the skin. The independence she gets from owning her small business allows her to be in control of every aspect of Enchanted Salts, with simplicity and authenticity in mind to help her make decisions.

“For me, it’s about basic relaxation with a very calming feel to everything,” Elina explained. 

Working with Thriving Box Co. 

We’ve been working with Elina at Enchanted Salts since she started her small business journey and it’s been great to see her flourish. 

 “I joined when the Momentum Box came out and it really allowed me to feel like I was part of something, especially during the BLM movement.”

  “Thriving Box Co. has actually been a big part of me starting this journey and allowing me to get my business up and running. I will forever have a smile and warmth in my heart for you all.”

At Thriving Box Co we love finding businesses with a core message and clear beliefs, just like Enchanted Salts. We have lots of options for your gift box that will remind your employees that you care. Get started today.

 ✍️ by Aisha Fatunmbi-Randall