11 Best Care Package Ideas to Create the Ultimate Gift

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Written by Kirsty Scott

Why send a care package?

Everyone loves gifts.

It's the reason people ignore the 'don't bring a gift' memo which, if we're being honest, no one really means.

But there's something better than sending a gift. And that's sending a thoughtful, bespoke care package full of things you know the recipient will love. Research by the BBC explains the science behind this, proving that the quality of your gift can drastically impact your relationship. It's important to get it right.

Care packages are the perfect way to reach out to your loved ones and let them know you care.

Do you want to recognise your employees with a memorable gift? Maybe it's your friends' birthday, or perhaps your sister has moved house. There are endless reasons to send a care package and hundreds of different options for you to choose from.

We're here to help you get started! Below you'll find an awesome list of 11 quirky, creative care package ideas to help you curate the perfect gift and make your favourite people smile!

Creative Care Package Ideas to Make Your Loved One's Smile

For best friends 

In theory, this should be simple. Your best friends are supposed to be the easiest people to buy for because you know them so well - that's why they're your best friends. But you've known them so long you're starting to run out of new, exciting gift ideas. And let's be honest; there's only so many times you can gift a bottle of gin or a last-minute bunch of flowers.

Don't overthink it. Get them something you'd like to receive - chances are they'll love it too.

The Thriving Box Co's Keep Local Thriving Box is the perfect gift for the friend that has it all. You'll receive a lucky dip box of high-quality products from independent businesses across the UK. This box is the best way to shop small, support local and let both you and your friend discover awesome new businesses!

Beer, chocolate & honey

For faraway friends

Most care package companies will give you the option to ship internationally. Which is essential when you've lost track of your friends that are jet setting here, there and everywhere. And sometimes it takes more than the occasional FaceTime to show someone what they really mean to you.

Sending a care package will remind your international pals that love knows no distance. Maybe they're feeling homesick, why not send them a token of home? The Tartan Blanket Co.'s Scottish Gift Boxes make the ideal gift for faraway friends. Their boxes are packed with beautiful Scottish gifts from Scottish Breakfast tea to Irn Bru Sweets. The perfect way to treat your friends - no matter where they are in the world!

Scottish themed gift box

For party animals

We've all got that friend who can't say no to a night out. But with social distancing measures in place, epic bar crawls and unforgettable nights out are few and far between. Staying in is the new going out. You can't you paint the town red to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or promotion, but you can send everything you need for a good night out in the form of a care package.

Whether it's a wild Saturday night on Zoom or a cocktail party for one, we've got the care package to cure anyone's boozy cravings. Check out our Quarantini Box for specially curated cocktails, beers and pick n' mix! Not only does this care package allow you to bring the party home, but it also supports the hospitality industry in a time of need.

Cocktail and sweeties in a gift box

Disclaimer: does not contain a cheesy dance-floor or hold responsibility for any bad decisions. 

For him

Men. They're famously hard to buy for. If you're looking to think outside the box, you might find yourself stuck. Luckily for you, we've sourced a cracking care package that'll make him forget all about the pair of socks you gave him last year. And the year before. And the year before that too.

We've found the inspiration you need to treat any man in your life, and it comes in the form of Postboxed. They feature a whole variety of care package ideas, including a full range of men's gift boxes. From their Signature Box full of gadgets and stationery to their Birthday Box with sweet treats, you're bound to find something that'll make his day. They fit straight through the letterbox and will deliver on any day of choice!

Men's gift box items

For her

Whether you're congratulating her on a big achievement or wanting to treat her for absolutely no specific reason, sending the woman in your life a bespoke care package is never a bad idea. When it comes to curating a gift for women, the choices are endless. And if we're being completely honest, it's a little bit overwhelming.

While scouring the UK's female care package options, we landed on Treatbox. And boy are we glad we did. Treatbox does exactly what it says on the tin; treats in a box. As for what goes in the box, the possibilities are endless. Choose a Pamper Night In Box to send the ultimate self-care essentials to the girl that needs to hit pause and give herself some well-deserved me-time. And if she's vegan? Don't worry, they've got it covered. The Vegan Box from their 'Ready-to-go' range ensures there's a care package everyone will like. There's even an option to build your own gift box to give that extra personal touch!

Pamper gift box

For new Mums

Care packages ideas can be tricky when it comes to new mum's. Do you send alcohol? And how are you supposed to know which exact flavour of Cadbury's she's craving this week?? Don't stress yourself out. Instead, send them a care package of carefully selected luxury items to make them feel special. At the end of the day, treats in any shape or form are a welcome distraction from morning sickness and fitting into fewer clothes day by day.

bumbles & boo have a large selection of mother and baby gifts to choose from. Their Pamper Hampers are beautifully presented and filled with exactly what any Mumma-to-be or new mum needs. We love their Yummy Mummy Hamper full of Baylis & Harding goodies for ultimate relaxation!

New Mum's gift box

For foodies

If you're looking for care package ideas that appeal to the foodie in your life, look no further than The Courtyard Dairy. Nothing screams 'foodie gift' more than sending The Indulgent Foodie Hamper. The products are made in the UK and the cheese is described as 'slightly curious and different' - perfect for the adventurous gastronome. And if they can't handle the stink, consider sending a Sourdough Starter Kit from The Melrose Kitchen. Being honest, if your foodie friends haven't jumped on the Sourdough bandwagon, then I'm not sure what they've been doing. Grab the opportunity to get them in the kitchen while showing them how much they mean to you!

Food hamper

For chocoholics

Chocolate lovers are the easiest group of people to send care packages to. Or that's what you thought until you started browsing the internet for the perfect chocolate gift and discovered there are roughly a million options. That's where we come in. The Thriving Box Co's Chocolate Selection Box contains luxury chocolate bars from small, independent businesses across the UK. Discover delicious Coco Chocolatier chocolate bars and tasty artisan treats from the likes of Sugarsnap Chocolate and Confectionary. The recipient can share this box of goodies amongst friends and family or keep it all to themselves, yum!

Chocolate gift box

For plant parents

It's necessary to unwind and relax after a long day in the garden. Or a long day looking after your houseplants. green tulip is a UK based company specialising in ethical gifts. Their Gardener's Gift Basket is the ultimate care package for long-distance friends with green thumbs. It includes chocolate, tea and relaxing skin-care items to truly enjoy after all that digging and planting. If you're looking for a gift for a plant parent who doesn't have access to a garden, how about gifting them a house plant set from Summer's Jungle? A houseplant is a perfect alternative to a fully grown garden and an ideal care package idea for new home-owners!

Three mini succulents

For students

Starting university or college can be a daunting prospect. Throw in additional social distancing measures alongside a global pandemic and you can understand why college students may be nervous. Sending a care package is a perfect way to give them some comfort during an unprecedented time.

Secret Hamper has put together a Student Hamper with all the store cupboard essentials you can only dream of as a student. If you've been a student yourself, you know what it's like when it gets to Thursday night and you're not due to food shop till Friday, so you're left with no other choice but to turn to the larder for a last-minute 'make-do' meal. Beans on toast, spaghetti hoops, macaroni cheese... you get the picture. This college care package makes this super easy, containing everything your friend will need to stock their larder to the brim. All items are non-perishable, student-friendly products and there's even emergency toilet roll just in case!

Box full of student-friendly snacks

For sick friends

Seeing your nearest and dearest unwell sucks. And with the pandemic on our hands, the number of poorly friends sadly seems to be on the rise. We tend to feel pretty helpless when loved ones fall ill, especially if the only remedy is rest and recuperation. This is where a carefully packed, kindly wrapped gift care package can step in and save the day. And hopefully, save your loved one from their snotty slumber.

box of hugs has a lovely selection of care packages ideas for friends feeling under the weather. Their customisable Thinking of You Hug Gift Box includes tea, chocolate and restorative eye masks. And if you're looking to go the extra mile, have a peek at their A Great Big Hug In A Box. Let's face it, everybody needs a hug when they're sick. With social distancing measures making this tricky, sending them a hug in a box is the next best idea.

Box of hugs gift box


If you're still stuck, check out the Tiny Box Company and make up your own care package to perfectly suit that special someone! Great if you're on a budget or want something extra personal. Choose your box and fill it with anything you like. We love the idea of making a memory box full of photos and items that are significant to the receiver!