Top Advantages of Working from Home Beyond The Pandemic

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Rewind a few months. It's an average Tuesday morning. You've hauled yourself from a sleepy slumber at the agonising hour of 6.30 am. You throw on yet another uncomfortably formal outfit and grab a piece of barely buttered toast as you stumble out the house. Your coffee spills down your front while you sprint for the bus and squeeze yourself on; another 30-minute ride squashed up against Sweaty Joe from marketing and Forgot to Brush His Teeth Mark from comms. 

Hopefully, this feels like a faint memory.

The recent global pandemic has changed the working world with a huge increase in remote working worldwide. Are you on the lookout for a new remote role? Perhaps you're already working from home. Maybe you're trying to decide whether to rush back to the office now lock-down is easing.

We've compiled the most prominent benefits of working from home to help you decide what works best for your needs.

What to Love about Working from Home

Bye-bye buses 🚌

Unless you live in the bustling city centre, you'll be used to wasting a huge chunk of your day getting to and from work. Whatever your preferred mode of transport, it's safe to say at least thirty minutes of your day is eaten up by simply getting to your desk. As well as saving you precious time and money, eliminating your daily commute can do wonders for your health! Not to mention the immense impact commuting has on the planet, with greenhouse gas emissions from the UK transport sector dropping considerably during lock-down.

Happier, healthier work-life 🧘

Gone are the days of rushing home from work to a cold family dinner or showing up late to birthday drinks. Working from home can come with the benefit of having flexible working hours. Getting to choose when you start and end your day can give you much needed control over your working life, allowing time for your personal life too. Night owls can adapt their working hours to suit their productivity levels and time usually spent commuting to the office can be swapped out for daily exercise or an extra-long snooze. Both are amazing ways to nourish your mind and body!

Time with loved ones👪

Interruptions from little people while working may at times be challenging, and for those of you expanding your roles to encompass parent, teacher, and employee duties; it isn't easy. This aside, we've found that remote working is allowing people to spend more quality time with loved ones at home. Whether it's your children, partner, flatmates, or cat, this time is valuable. And although it can feel like a bit of a juggling act, think about how grateful you'll be in ten years when you look back and realise the little moments you could have missed if you hadn't been so close to home. 

Money saver 💰

Bus fares, fuel, lunches, coffees, and post-work pints. It all adds up. Pennies saved from cutting out these daily tasks can be put towards special dinners, meaningful gifts, and well-deserved weekend getaways with your friends! If you're struggling to adapt to your new work from home environment, just think of the money you'll be saving. Set it aside and put it towards something specific; why not reward yourself for bossing this tough transition?

Office design 🎨

Working from home gives you the opportunity to make your workspace unique. We're talking succulents, inspiring prints, motivational music. No longer constrained to boring office walls, you may find yourself with less judgement regarding the abundance of houseplants populating your desk. Gone are the days of hiding your embarrassment when the '90's Dance Hits' playlist escapes from your recently played before realising your headphones aren't connected. If that's what it takes to enhance your performance, then go for it! You're allowed to be selfish. And if you're struggling to make your home office work, check out our tips on creating the ultimate WFH environment.

Comfort 🧦

If you've been anywhere near Instagram or an online shop in the last few months you'll be aware of a significant shift in style. Whether you're browsing high street retailers or designer brands, there's one thing in common; comfort is key. Across the globe, people have been forced into hibernation (lock-down), which has led to many of us seeking comfort in as many aspects of our lives as possible. Perhaps in an attempt to counter the uncomfortable world outside our four walls. This has manifested in our wardrobes; balancing the need to feel cosy and comfy, yet presentable enough for your next video conference. With less pressure to don your suits and squeeze into 'appropriate' shoes; wearing whatever you like is a WFH win. And let's be honest, who's going to turn down working in sweats from the comfort of their own home?

Focus, productivity & performance 📝

While it may be hard to imagine given the amount of time your partner spends on candy crush... studies prove that working from home can significantly increase productivity levels. I know what you're thinking. Surely this varies drastically depending on individual circumstances. And the answer is yes, those who have children to home-school or other distractions in the home may find they are less productive when working remotely. But on the whole, employed adults appear to be taking advantage of their home office. Working longer hours, making more calls, and sending more emails, all with fewer office distractions.

Inclusivity 💕

Being able to commute to work is a privilege many of us take for granted. As businesses grasp the idea of managing remote employees, more opportunities are available for individuals who struggle to sustain onsite employment. Removing the stress of commuting to an office for those with disabilities and creating flexible working hours to meet the needs of caregivers are just two examples of how working from home can positively impact inclusivity in the workplace. 


The list goes on. There are endless benefits of working from home, just as there are plenty of advantages of onsite work. If you have been given the option to return to the office, take on board what we've said, weigh up the pros and cons. Make the right decision for you. And for those of you remote working warriors who haven't been given the luxury of choosing your workplace, make the most of the situation and focus on the positives outlined above!

working from home with your dog

Reminder: there are a lot more puppy snuggles and a lot less awkward elevator rides when you're working from home.